teamfmxeast.comLeading up to the show we had to get the new truck hooked up to the landing so it was safe and operational amongst getting a bike ready to go as well as practice. Ed brought himself back up north from Kenosha, Wisconsin early in the week so we had time to make things happen. After waiting for a week and a half, my new 12 inch drop hitch for the truck finally showed up  on Wednesday and I thought we were in business. Boy was I wrong! Once we had everything hooked up we knew right off it wasnt gonna cut it. After  about two miles we turned around ,headed home, and took it all back apart. We had the hitch flexing near three inches front to back to the point that Ed was nervous it wouldn't make it back home if I went to fast. We searched for hours trying to find a suitable drop and found nothing. We ended up calling in a favor from one of my longest  friends Jason DeGrave. We cut the steel to fit and Jason welded this thing Into the Bigeest Flippin' Hitch ever!! And thats what we called it. The B.F.H. Once we got home and hooked everything together we knew we were good. Everything sat just right and to be honest there is no way this drop hitch is ever gonna break!
 So, after this feat was accomplished, we started to wire up the tail lights on the landing and found ourself right where we needed to be. Things just fell together and before we knew it we were in full tow driving 75mph on the freeway.Oh!  By the way the new rig is awesome!!  Anyway, we got to the venue Friday morning and expected the same routine we always find ourselves in. A mad rush to get practice in and be ready for the night show. Come to find out. No friday night show. This was the best news ever. Now dont get me wrong, I love to ride and do my job but when you are already feeling the pinch of time and things are gonna be real tight It was just a breath of fresh air to hear Ed Beckley say "Saturday night  show only" We washed the truck and ramps. Got everything all clean and looking good. Got into our hotel and found some time to relax. It was real nice. We even set up Friday evening so we could get up early and practice!
  I told Ed I would be down on the floor about 8 a.m. so I figured that would get him there by 9 or so. I took my time getting ready and showed up around when I thought he might get there. Come to find out Ed is sitting around waiting for me to start practice. This whole weekend was seemoing more and more backwards than the usual paces we always seem to be in. I was enjoying it! The day of Arenacross style racing after our first session was a fun change from the monster truck routine. We were watching the local riders give thier all on what was a pretty fun looking track.I had my own private little goes around it before anyone got there. Once the races were buttoned up we ran our landing into place and got everything set to go. The crowed was keen on making some noise for Ed right out of the box and once he gets going you had better hold on! He runs such a high pace it is even hard for me to keep up! Jump after jump we threw down our run and by the shows end the entire crowd was on its feet! What a rush! Rack up yet another show! So much fun to ride these events! Next Stop Tuscon Arizona.