All I can say about my new friends over in Europe is what an amazing group of people to work with as well as play with! At the end of the day when the crowd has gone home and the mess is being cleaned up is when you find out who you are really working with. These guys are second to none. Kind hearted and professional, they took the time to not only treat my wife and I with respect but also to include us as though we were a part of thier family. 

 Now the weeks leading up to this show were not easy to push through. From the tragedy of Jeremy Lusk, to unbelievablely terrible weather at home, I was struggling to find the groove of being comfortable not only with my double flip rotations but with many other aspects of my life. Funny is how sometimes you hafta just put it all out of your mind and do your job. I was blessed with enough breaks in the snow to find the time for training and even though I had found myself hitting the wall of my pit a couple of times due to mechanical issues, knocking myself silly in the process, I knew the good Lord would be there with me as he has been throughout my career. 

 So on top of all the trials before we had to pack up and leave, little did I realize this would be just the tip of the iceberg. Our flight was cancelled out of Marquette because of another drastic snowstorm that dumped near 18 inches so we had to fly out the day before the show. Now most would think "no big deal" however Jet lag can become a major factor in not only you mental state but also your physical condition as well.  We landed in Vienna airport on Friday afternoon, checked into our hotel and headed straight to the venue. There we found Lucas waiting as patient as he could for my bike parts so he could begin preping the bike and make sure everything was running smooth. This in itself was a task I still dont understand how he overcame. The bike we were given was, unknown to anyone, cold siezed and would require quite a bit more than a standard assembly. All in all lucas worked his magic and got things in order in time... Just in time. The day of the event I found myself tired and nervous. I had an overload of thoughts going through my exhausted brain and I was also having an emotional experience I had never gone through before. My wife ,Lucas and everyone around was very supportive but when you have doubts no one can wipe them clear for you. You have to find faith in your ability and, more importantly, the good Lord.

  After watching what was by far the best show I have ever had the privilage of being part of I geared up and headed out to do my thing. Now normally I would make a few runs past the ramp but for some reason I didn t waist any time. I think I was just sick of the anxiety of the whole thing and decided to just get it over with. I rolled towards the ramp and unknown to anyone  I went for it. As soon as the bike powered up the ramp I knew I had it. I knew I was short even for the fourty foot gap I had set. but I could feel the bike come around smooth and after so many hours of work and sweat put in by not only myself but my best friend slash brother Ed Rossi, my bullheaded step son Josh, and my little dipstick Brody, It was over in just a couple short seconds. I rolled down the landing and with the crowd roaring, I rode over to droves of riders and track crew hugging and congradulating me. I appreciated all of them but had my sights on two people. First My wife. I needed to hug her and let her know how much she meant to me. and second my mechanic. He sure can press my buttons but, hey, when a guy needs to be pushed I am sure happy it is by someone who not only believes in me but really cares. I have always been a little low on self confidence but having someone who has your back win lose or draw sure makes you feel good.