With a late start on practice and a bike not running up to par, I began to feel a little edgy with the first show begining at 1 pm. Once on my bike and jumping the ramps, I felt a sense of what the day was going to bring..... FUN! Josh, Robbie, Mike Joel, Tim and myself were prepped and ready. And with a new voice in Dexter Sanders this was looking to be A great doings! Of course our announcers Ben and Evan were primed and Pumped. The show was so fun and with a crowd of around a thousand people everyone was pleasantly suprized!  Everyone involved seemed to step up thier game since our last outing and aside from my bike not riunning up to par I felt very confident. the week before I had taken a very uncharacturistic spill at the show at my house splitting my lip open and twisting up my bike pretty bad. After my first flip of the day I looked down as I felt something funny with my steering and found my stabilizer had came apart. More Bike issues.... It wasnt a dificult fix but annoying to say the least. I should have seen the issue before hand and thankfully it did not cause a crash. After fixing the issue and grabing a bit to eat the second show turned into Josh and I having a little bit of a battle royale. he would do one trick and I would try to do it better. I would do another trick and he would just do it better..... except for whips:) I have him on those for the time being anyway:) Of course Josh is now bringing his flip to the mobile lander consistantly now and even throwing variations already. this of course is pushing me to better my game as well. Even though I hate getting beat by him I sure am proud to see him excell so fast! 
 After the saturday festivities we returned to A street for a special sunday service with our new friend Dexter Sanders from florida. Dexter was fun straight out of the gate and as I got to know him a bit more it seemed to me he sure was an interesting person. Once he got on stage for his sermon and testimony I realized why he is such a neat person. He is such a bright person and it shows when he speaks. And FUN! Who goes to church and expects to have fun.... Not me but it was! he had everyone clapping and whooting and hollaring. Even crying by the time he was finished. What a powerful speaker! 
 He sure fills a void in our Zero Gravity Outreach program!