Once we landed in the Smallest airport ever, we made our way to the hotel and ended up with a good nights rest. That in its self was unusual as jet lag normally keeps me up til 4 or 5 am! The next morning we made our way to the venue to finish setting up the ramp and to get my bike together and ready. Being the day before I felt no pressure and was happy to be accepted by everyone who was at the event.  The lander was amazingly huge and quite frankly the only one I have ever said "thats too big!" It was an awesome lander but it was rock hard.
 THe first day would end up being such a long haul. It is funny how exhaustion can find you when you dont do anything. Playing the hurry up and wait game is never any fun. After watching the comp run its courseI was finally given the cue to head out the door. I was greeted with a loud roar from the crowd and after some mental preparation I didnt waste much time in getting the job done. I rolled towards the ramp and said to myself" Lord I give it to you". Exerything just felt perfect .

A little off axis, I landed and rolled cleanly away. I have only been this excited one other time in my career. That would be the first one in italy!  After handing my bike off to Josh I got to the top of the lander, took a knee, thanked the good Lord for keeping me and gave the crowd my thanks.