We left the house north bound to Houghton around 9 am central time which would have given us plenty of time to get there, set up, practice, and be well rested for the show..... But if it went smooth I would have wondered.
We got just about to crystal falls MI when it sounded like I ran over a bunch of gravel on the black top. Come to find out just a mile or so later my temperature sky rocketed and I realized my serpentine belt had come apart. Stuck on the side of the road yet again with some stupid little thing having gone wrong with my truck. big thanks to the Diesel doctor for running around to find us the right belt and getting us to our show JUST in the nick of time.

 We rolled into the Houghton Co Fairgrounds aroung 5mp eastern time and imediately began to set up our ramps. The wind was also a factor as the flags were whiping around frantically. with all the help set up was a breeze and we just had to wait for the winds to hopefully die out and also JUST in the nick of time they did. We hopped on our bikes and began our practice session and at the same time droves of spectators made their way into the bowl shaped arena.

Kurt Dubord was our fill rider for the show. Being our newmobile and Kurt's newconfidence with jumping all our ramps at home. I thought I would allow him the opportunity to have at it on the metal lander for the first time in his career. He did a spectacular job through practice and into the show. We had to push Kurt as fast as we felt safe and he nailed each distance change with ease. Once to our 75 foot gap we were able to session it only for a short bit and it was right into show time.

After the national anthem Tim Wilkinson brought each of us out to droves of applause for our intros and we waisted no time in getting to business. After a few warm up jumps we jumped right into the comp. Kurt was up first and did his best. woohing the crowd with cans and nothings. I think i even saw him try a cordova and on the metal that trick can be hairy!
Next up was josh. this was to be joshs first flip show on the metal lander. I was unsure when he planned to throw out the flip and was suprized to see him be smart and hold it in until he was comfortable with the gap. He brought a huge array of tricks as he always does including a KOD and a 9 oclock seat grab. With the crowds acceptance I knew I was gonna have to be on my A Game to beat him!
 Once my turn came I was Fired and ready to throw out my run. I was feeling good on my brand new Race tech suspension and found a whole mess of confidence because of it.  I was able to land most of my tricks no handed and threw the first flip of the night in my first run. The crowd definately was liking the back flip and I came out on top in the first round.
 Next we had the whip comp.... Again I say WHIP comp. Kurt went out and had his two tries but on the metal it can be scary for an experienced rider to throw whips.
 Josh came out and threw a little baby turn down and for jump two he came out and todd pottered it! The kid threw his first metal to metal back flip stomping it smooth as any flip I have seen him do! We all ran to him and hugs and high fives for everyone! What an awesoem accomplishment for the 19yr old!.,.,,,,..,,, wait this was supposed to be a whip comp! I have been giving him crap even all day today! He todd pottered it!
 Next it was my turn. I wanted to show my work and came out with a big turn down look back. The crowd was feeling it and for round two I wanted to show some diversity and came with a supercross whip. THey both felt good and I thought the win would be a sure thing.... but no. TODD POTTER wins! I threw my bike down, ran over and tackled him right there in front of everyone. We had it out and after saving hids face from hitting a rock his little wormy body found its way on top of me and I was gonna lift him and smash him to the ground but I remembered there was about 3000 people watching us horse around.
 With our intermission we got some watter and had a small break while megasaurus came out and said hello. that thing is pretty amazing!
 With our time getting short we jumped right into Trick explanation. and the second of two comp rounds. For some reason kurt misteped his timing and shorted the lander just a little and was front flipped down to the ground. I ran over to find him consious and saying what an awesome time he had. He didnt even seem to care his wrist and collar bone as broken and his night was over. everyone felt so bad for the 22 yr old who has only recently taken fmx seriously. Kurt was brought to the hospital and josh and I had a show to complete.
 We descided to ditch the rest of the comp and just have a jam session. I told josh due to the excitement I didnt want him to flip anymore and I would do a few. he has plenty of upright tricks the crowd would love to see anyway. It was an awesome show. We had a blast and even though Kurt was injured He even had the time of his life! I am so happy he is ok, the crowd loved the show, and have High hopes to go back next year! thanks to everyone in houghton for having us.