Doug and the guys worked from the time we arrived at the Kendall Co Fairgrounds in yorkville Illinois until we could wait no longer to set up our ramps and get our show on. When I first set foot on the arena floor I near fell on my face as it was so slimey and muddy and after the tractors, disks and packers were finished the arena was as hard as blacktop!

 Due to the timeframe that came to be, we ended up with a large audience for our practice session which kind of ended up a part of the show. With Josh as our announcer we kicked things off and began to get the crowd into our shananigans. tom brian and bob, started things off with a little bmx action and as the show built the crowd started to get into the right frame of mind. Nick gore mark merrix and myself had a blast and after mark and I were handed our rears in a whip contest it was time for the mock comp judged by the fans. the newby Mark went first and did a great job coming off an injury throwing a huge hart attack towards the end of his run.

Then nick busted out some more advanced tricks with a cliffhanger second to none and a huge show lin bar hop!