We got to ride with some of the best mulisha riders in Nixey danielson, OX Kargola, Julian Dungee, and Wes Agie and let me tell you they are awesome! they took josh and I in and made us feel like part of the mulisha troop for the weekend and even allowed Josh to throw down with them in the show..... and he held his own! This kid is just amazing to watch ride. Not only did he get put in a tough spot having to ride a 250 two stroke for the first time on dirt but he threw out some whip flips and a couple big super flips! And let me tell you when you have the pressure of the mulisha looming over you it sure was amazing to see him step up to the plate and crush a homer!
 Of course you could see his lack of experience a little but he fit right in with the big dogs. after what seemed like a month of sundays it was my turn. and yet again I didnt even get to see the setup i had to double flip to until it was time to get it done. the track crew worked so hard to get the mulch spread over the smaller than usual lander and once the setup was complete I started my bike and got her good and warm. Incidently for those who dont know I am riding a honda crf 450 r full time now and couldnt be happier!  this thing is just a monster from the word go. I made a few runs at the ramp while the show got built up with lights and music and once the house lights came back on I was in place and waisted no time whatsoever. I knew I was good before I even started my bike. I knew this bike was my key to making this double flip a cosistant feat. I was right. I have not rotated that smooth since genoa italy in 2007. I stomped the landing perfect  and began the descent to the flat ground...... then all of the sudden I felt the rear of the bike start to lift up and up and before I could do anything about it I got tossed to the concrete right at the bottom of the lander. I jumped up and ran to my bike lifting it to the wheels and getting ready for another go. I am not failing anymore I was telling myself. as soon as I was about to shove it in gear the promoter came to me and said no scott the rest of the show has to get along. I put my head down and took a breath. Then I realized I could barely hear him speak to me. I realized how loud the stadium was even still! I ran up the lander to an even louder roar and a standing audience. what an amazing feeling. The people in puerto rico were just so giving! We had an amazing time and I am so looking forward to this summer! I am going to stomp every single double I attempt from here out. I am filled with confidence and only hope the X games committee will give me just one more shot at finishing what I started. All I can do is show the proof... The plan. homeward bound and double flip city. ten twenty thirty one hundred in a row. what ever it takes. nothing in the way nothing else to take the focus away. Only with God holding me up now is the time. GGGRRRRRR BRING IT ON!