After my final show in 2009 I decided to focus more on my family life and finish my home....well almost finish my home. We are now in our master bedroom and have all the trim up. Aside from a little water damage in the dinning room everything is awesome at home. Finally I dont have anything lingering on me. Down to business and fun! Fact is I havent been having alot of fun over the past two years. So much going on I forgot to look at what it was I was doing! Well everything I needed to finish is and For the first time in my career I headed south for some fun in the sun. Josh and I met up with Rossi and Cavanaugh who introduced me to Paul Smith. Paul has an unbelievable place to ride in Ocala FL. We have plans to head back down at the end of feb to do some double flip training before Puerto Rico. Anyway we hung out and did some riding for a week in between shows and to our suprize Jolene Van Vaught pulled in with her dad. Besides Josh having a crush on her it was pretty cool to hang out with no pressure or cameras on either of us. She is one gnarley chick! Jumping ramps with us and throwing down a pretty awesome FMX run! That girl isnt scared! she just jumped her 250 two stroker for the first time like she was a pro. Then there is Josh. this kid makes me sick. I am so envious of his natural talent. Flipping everything and riding like never before. I cannot wait to see his career unfold in the next few months.... watch out BILKO! hahaha
 Of course Eddie is killing it too. Flipping dirt hits and flipping to metal now. Looks like evrything I stand out with is disappearing! Looks like I need to step it up too! Cody Cavanaugh is riding awesome too! I dunno how these guys can just get a new bike and flip it within a few jumps. Im chicken I guess! Anyway we all had a great time down south and are now back home in Michigan. Looking forward to the fast approaching summer! Keep checking back as I will have our summer show dates for the house posted very soon!