From Ed getting his back flip dialed  to josh getting his to dirt for the first time. This summer has been an awesome experience. Even though the crowd size wasnt the biggest we have ever had I feel like they are on the way up. Each show had something new to offer our fans who come out and yesterdays show was no different. We had a new ramp and got to dial it in and of course Josh Wowed the crowd and brought his back flip to dirt. What an accomplishment for the 18 yr old phenom. This kid has a total of less than one year of riding experience and has an amazing array of tricks and now has joined the elete group of consistant back flippers. We have also had a group of new riders come out and step up to the call. Kurt Dubord has been coming out for a few years now but finally has risen to the dirt and jumped the 75 ft ramp getting a few tricks figured out in the process and of couse Darren Sundman. What can I say about Darren. This guy has done more than any two people to earn the right to ride out here and had set his goal to jump up the hill and be part of the show.... and yesturday he did it. Now you talk about Josh and the short amount of time and the bright future he has but Darren is 32 yrs old and has absolutely NO riding experience. Dont get me wrong, it shows in his ability but what he lacks in talent he makes up for in heart. This guy had a huge crashed durring the day show due to a mechanical failure, got his bike fixed and had at it again in the night show. THEN he makes a mistake and jumped the ramp in first gear back siding the landing and coming to a complete stop. After finding out what happened, I told him to get back over and jump it again.....and he did. I am so proud of him for sticking in there when the going got tough. He came out shining at the end of the day and accomplished his goal. Of course we all missed Ed this weekend. He had a show to do down by his home in Kenosha and was so bummed about missing out on only his third show since this all started. It was a great day. Once we got into the foam pit , things started to get hairy. I threw out a couple double flips and tried some new things. 720s are the scarriest thing ever and after dislocating my left hip and fouling up a single back flip for the first time in years I was a little frustrated with my riding. When things go that way I try to dig deep for the fans and get the show done. Derrik nelson also stepped up and got off a ramp with his Banshee for the first time and josh did a flawless and fully extended seat grab flip. Last but not least Matt "Tinger" Tingstead made his inaugural Sick Air appearance and threw his 500 pound snomobile upsidown for an excited crowd. He was so pumped to be a part of the show and I know EVERYONE was stoked to see him do what he does.
 We have had an awesome summer having all the fans come out and support what we do. We do this because we love it. I do this because I need it and when you have the best community in the world making it happen for you it really makes you have a sense of thanks . So thanks to each and everyone of you who have been a part of our shows this summer, weather it was your first time out or weather you are one of the die hard fans who make it to every show. thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. I know we will be training harder and harder to bring you even more excitement next summer.