What we have done this year is focus on progression with each show. for those who have come out from the start of the summer can see the progress we have made. Josh has been stellar all summer learning new tricks every time he rides, Eddie has bees flipping consistent for the first time in his career, and I have finally got a handle on flipping everything I can as well as trying to redeem my inconsistency with the double flip. We have had alot of guest riders come out and have some fun with us and this show was no different. Paris Rosen made an appearance and even though not fully recovered from his wreck at X he still had a go at his 75 ft front flip. Even in the foam pit this trick is still gnarly. Paris showed up at 130 in the morning woke up the next day and still had to assemble his bike from the big crash he had in LA. We were riding the dirt portion of our show and he was just getting his first look at the ramps and set up down by the pit. Even though he didnt accomplish what he was set out to do and feeling uncomfortable Paris still aimed to please and threw down a set of front flips that made everyone cheer. I understood Paris' unease and knew he just wasnt feeling it. Going Down as hard as he did is not something that you can just get over with a snap of the fingers. After josh started to throw down a few variations in the pit, I knew it was my turn to get the job done. I did want a double flip on dirt but in 25 mph winds I knew safety was a factor. I didnt even plan on trying to my soft landing due to the wind. after getting on my bike and feeling the wind out I didnt even realize I was doing it until I had landed on the tires. Now far from feeling redemption I thanked the Lord for keeping me a foot from the edge of the landing on impact and for giving me the strength to hang on to the bike as it went off course and into the foam. I still rode away and given the circumstances I was happy with that. The shows will continue to grow and I know all of us are looking forward to september 19th. thanks to everyone who helps out and to everyone who comes to watch. You guys make this happen for us.