Ok so everyone is well aware what happened at the X Games. I crashed.....Again. As soon as we were packed up and ready to head home I was trying to find the soonest opportunity to redeem myself. Bark river was that coming weekend and if all went well I could be home training on my soft landing by Thursday morning, something I was not able to do before this years X games due to a week of rain. Time was nothing short of valuable and I had an appointment with a Ford dealership due to a sputter my new truck was experiencing under a hard pull.... on top of a broken leaf spring we had found as we journeyed from northern California back towards LA.
 As I sat in the parking lot of this Ford shop I realized that it wasn't really going to take shape. It was now Tuesday and LA is a long drive to Bark River. We finally got started home Tuesday evening and didn't roll into my driveway until Friday late night. Then once we got to the races on Saturday we found not only a muddy mess but an unfinished pile of dirt that needed to be used for the Big FOOT demo after the races were finished for the day. This ended up being an hour of set up for a ten minute session of Bigfoot idling around, not leaving the ground and getting booed out of the place. By this time we had spoke with the race committee and had decided to postpone our show until the next day.
 So we stayed late into the night on Saturday building the landing. What we ended up with was quite small. Far too small for double back flips. I had to make a judgment call and the last thing I needed to do was take an unprepared risk. The next double flips I do  need to be properly executed with the proper training completed. I need to learn how to land these things again on my felt landing.
 We Still stayed all day Sunday until the races were finished once again and it was our turn. We aim to please and at a show expecting to see a double back flip would be a difficult  task to accomplish. Funny part was even the announcers at the races were calling us out at the start, they were unaware we hadn't rode in a few weeks and as a group had to start close and back up the ramp to our  gap of 75 ft. By the time we got into a grove the crowd was screaming with approval. We got the response we were hoping for. The awesome fans at the Bark River Off road races gave us an ovation second to none. I was just stoked to know Jeremy McGrath was there somewhere and I was throwing the biggest Nac Nacs I have ever done. My child hood hero hopefully watching me throw down HIS trick as big as I could. I was having so much fun. What a relief from a pressure filled month. Here we come AUGUST 22nd!!  Thanks to all our family and friends who were there screaming for us and making us feel home.