Scott Murray and the Gang threw down for the better part of an hour on the FMX Park durring which time the fans saw an array of arial stunts in many different styles. With six riders including Ed Rossi, Cody Cavanaugh, Josh Who Ha, and the newbees Chase Nystrom and Darren Sundman, Sick Air as a group is growing in not only size but ability. From the three Aces Murray, Rossi and Cavanaugh came many backflips and some of the sickest upright tricks in the game. Of course Ed has had this new trick Idea in his head for some time and he had intentions of throwning it down at the end of the first half of the show. This attempt at a new body varial straight to a dirt landing proves that not only is Ed one of the most daring souls in FMX but also one of the most talented. Unfortunately the outcome was not what he had hoped for and Rossi took one heck of a spill. Bouncing down the landing in a pile of himself I raced to his limp body to find him laboring to breath. Our medical staff consisting of our beloved Crew member Emily Oman and the Nordic Ambulance staff, Ed was brought to St Francis in escanaba where he was released with a separated shoulder and a bruised pride. Funny was Ed coming to and asking how close he had come before he cared what was inured. A true show of heart. Thankfully he made it back for the night show and lifted everyones spirits. For him the rest of the riders brought out all the big stuff for an amazing evening crowd. Loud as ever and so pumped on what we had accomplished. A huge thanks to all who help support us by comming out to the show. Here we come July 18th!