I was sitting in my chair resting as I had been sick for over a week and all of the sudden I see a big white ford come pulling in! I was so excited to see Cody Cavanaugh I jumped right up and got ready to practice! Ed and I had just been outside trying to jump the 80ft dirt to dirt which had been stumping both of us for some time now. Earlier Ed had gone for it and cleared it! He was so excited and I wanted to share his enthusiasm but I knew I HAD to jump it now. Now that Cody was here there was no way I was going to be third to jump this thing. I hurried up and went for it and I cleared it too! It was an awesome feeling to get over that thing!
 How about Cody Cavanaugh... This guy shows up and inside a half hour he was jumping every Ramp and every jump on our FMX compound! That Dirt hit took me eight months to get over and here he is jumping it first session! Not only is he jumping everything he throws out a flipon the step up! I must be getting old! NO I am just more cautious haha. anyway big props to Cody. It is always an awesome time to have him and his beautiful girlfriend, Jess, up for a visit.
 Show time always seems to just spring up on you and when you are running sick it is even faster.  I had a couple goals for this first show and I had met them. I was so happy to have not only Cody but Ed riding as well! Ed always is so exciting to watch ride! He is so wide open that sometimes I worry he is going to blow a gasket . He is flipping better and more confident that ever to the point we were able to have a flip train! The show on the dirt was really a spectacle as the dirt jump fills the whole compound with airbourne bikes!
 How about Josh... This kid shocks me. when he practices he jumps and finds the occasional trick. Put him in front of a crowd and he goes off! just amazing!
 I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us in these difficult times. We understand money is tight and without our awesome fans right here at home we would struggle to continue to do what we love to do. So a huge thankyou to all the die hard fans who keep coming back for us. See you JUNE 27th!