The show didnt go as planned the first  time as weather and wind kept us from doing a show but this day was set to be perfect. The wind was all but non existent and the sun was shining away!  I had a couple new recrutes to help with set up and tear down and they did a great job. Big thanks to Ralph Dillabough and J.P. LaPointe for helping me make the day happen.  I havent rode on blacktop in a long time so I was a little scetchy but the kids didnt seem to mind. I told the principal I wasnt going to do any flipping as I hadnt in a while and had no time to practice. But then a group of kids started to chant BACK FLIP BACK FLIP! I am not one to dissapoint a group of hard reading kids so I gave it a go. I had over jumped a tad but landed back on the wheels safely making an old high school friend about freak right out! I thought it was funny to see her get that nervous! Anyway I had a great time being a part of the Read the Wave! Thanks for having me you guys!